Tuesday, 14 May 2013

What is Online Reputation Managaement in SEO?

Online Reputation Management is that long standard company  to some extent they have a negative feedbacks from a competitor who are  jealous, not satisfied client, a who just someone who simply wants to rock the boat. Of course the  majority of website owners do not have a problem with their reputation. This is to ssaid as Reputation management.

In that if you receive a negative feedback of your website google can catch and push out backside of the page, Some times reject also.

To get rid of this there are some steps to be taken as follows:

Identify the Keyword Phrases:

Contact the Domain Owner

Check the website

Remove the negatives comments and give some positive comments.

Give some new article.

Create new blogs and give positive comments.

Take a look at the Google results immediately below the negative page to start with, and then work your way down. You will most likely have no direct influence on these pages, but what you can do is push them up indirectly through link building and promoting them through social media bookmarking. You may be able to help the relevance/ranking by adding a further comment if possible on the positive/neutral page with, say, a link to other positive reviews or your home page to increase relevancy. Mostly, however you need to look at pushing these pages through links.

Check the links of sub domains whether the links are proper linked no duplicate linkswith that.

These are some of the ways to remove negative comments from the compitators.


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