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Magazine advertisements: one of the most powerful advertising tools available today
There is no right and wrong place to advertise your business unless you have done your research and testing. And sometimes it is good to try traditional strategies that have been long overlooked because of the emerging conventional advertising mediums. Like the good old print advertisements.
Lately, a lot of advertising agencies have grown fond of advertising on the web; nonetheless conventional print ads still make a major contribution in driving the sales up. Print advertisements play a pivotal role even today in endorsing a brand and do exceptionally well when targeted to the elderly demographics that are not to tech savvy. Magazine ads, though a little expensive, when combined with innovative strategies can help you in getting the best ROI for your ads.
While publishing your ad in one of the leading magazines might add to the repute of your brand; you might end up paying to publicize for a bigger audience of which only a small section may be interested in your company’s products or services. So, what is the solution? How do you make the most of your brand’s magazine ad? It’s simple, target the audience by publishing your magazine ads in industry specific magazines or trade magazines. For example, a pen drive company will make the most of their advertisement by publishing their ad in a technology or gadget periodical. These types of magazines not just target a particular segment but also save a lot on investment as their lesser circulation means lesser advertising expenditure.
When it comes to print advertisements, give importance to your headline. Without it your magazine ad is not going to get noticed. When your target audience browses a newspaper, he usually scans the headlines for something of interest and then goes on to inspect the narrative somewhat more. And so, a strong headline is what you need to catch your readers’ attention.
Another important trick for optimizing the benefits of your ads is to personalize it for your target audience. Using enchanting words like ‘you’ and ‘your’ a lot in the ads had its own advantage. It simply adds an impact to your brand communication. When you use these kinds of words in your magazine ads, you convey your message to your audience on a more personal level and your chances of connecting with your reader increases, thus, increasing the response of your advertisement. Just imagine when someone talks to you by referring to you as an individual and not as if you are a part of a crowd narrowed down by demographics. This is exactly the difference that your readers experience when you personalize your ads.
So, follow these simple steps and make your magazine advertisements successful.


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