Tuesday, 16 October 2012

About Internet Advertising

Internet advertising – not just an interesting idea but a smart investment too
The mediums like newspapers, radio and TV were overused and abused. And hence there was a need for more and more unique channels to communicate an advertising message.
With the booming advertising sector, many new mediums of advertising came to existence. And Internet Advertising emerged as the most popular one. So much to the extent that it surpassed the 1 billion dollar revenue mark by the end of the 90s and witnessed a growth worth two times the revenue in just one year.
Over the past one and a half decade, display advertising has evolved from being just a flat visual to interactive and engaging formats that are put in front of the consumer.  The credit goes to internet advertising. And why won’t it be a better option? Advertising companies have realized the advantages of internet advertising. They are cost effective, cover a wide range of audiences and the time required to send someone a message anytime, anywhere is comparatively less. And so, the usage of internet advertising on a day to day basis increased drastically.
As the years went on, adagencies did a lot of experiments and most of them were successful like making use of the company’s website for promoting price, new products, etc. The advertising companies realised that the main purpose of advertising on the internet is to entice the site visitor to click to the target website. And that it doesn’t need to make a complete sale through the ad itself.
The ad agencies developed a set of rules for the online advertising that almost guaranteed them the desired results. Some of those rules are as below:
Ads on internet should be small. People, while surfing the internet, do not usually entertain reading long messages. Hence, the key is to create short ads. Otherwise, it may irritate them off your advertisement. Make sure that your ad has a clear and concise message about the product or services you offer.
Try and avoid large fonts, bright colored backgrounds and unnecessary pop-ups as they can be annoying and disturbing 
They identified that the landing page should be not only engaging for the visitor but also reassure him that he has reached the right place. And then reiterate the benefits and offers.
But just having an attractive website does not yield profit. For increasing the sales and website hits, you have to spread your reach throughout the internet. Your consumers (internet users) should be well aware that you are running an online service or business. And therefore, for better results, you should also make use of flash banners, classified ads and viral ads. 


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